Why Paul Walker?

two weeks after the most inspiring actor died in a fiery car crash, there are so many fans gathered to give tribute to the late actor, including  the heartfelt online messages to Paul and family. Well, I did that too.

I can say that I am one his biggest fan, not only as an actor but also as a person. He had done amazing work world wide with his charity ROWW, he even helped the tsunami relief in Mentawai and also posted a petition to help the Mentawai reefs from the brutal bombing. That’s why I still couldn’t believe that he’s gon He’s too young to die. There’s a saying that only the good die youn, So I believe that he deserved to come home this soon so his legacy lives on with Reach Out Worldwide. And yeah, right after his shocking death, now there’s so many people trying to support the charity. He did touched so many hearts.

There are a lot of pretty faces in the world but only less who had a compassion like Paul Walker. For me, he was always more than a beautiful face. He had a beautiful soul. Bless his soul!

Race in paradise, Angel Walker




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