Why We’re Suddenly So In Love With Paul Walker.

why? because he was a kindhearted man, he was a humble, down-to-earth person. He had so many to help others and didn’t want to get anything in return (he was secretly paid an engagement ring for the ex Iraq soldier few years ago). He inspired many people including me, he was more than a pretty face. he had a beautiful soul.

Sydni Grant

Paul-WalkerI didn’t have to know Paul Walker to know he was a good man.

I can just see it.

Unlike most stars in Hollywood, he strayed away from the limelight.

We didn’t see him pop up in the tabloids or him make his way around the rumor mill.


When most of the rich and famous sought for more attention, Walker was too busy trying to save the world.

Like many of you, I watched him in the film franchise, The Fast & the Furious. 

And as teenage girl, I had a poster of him plastered in my locker.

So when my man called me Saturday night and said, “Babe, you’re not going to believe this…Paul Walker died,” for a moment I lost my breath…and sighed.

Walker came from a Mormon family and later converted to Christianity.

And just like Jesus, he loved the sea.

What most people don’t know–Walker…

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