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Last week, the world lost a dearly loved actor and philanthropist. Even though death is an everyday occurrence, and no one’s death is more or less important than another’s, Paul Walker‘s death left his thousands of fans so heavyhearted for so many distinct reasons. Paul left this world and also left behind a beautiful message. Despite being a huge fan of his fun and action-packed films, I am going to solely focus on the impact his love of helping others had on the planet. In my last post, I wrote about how important it is that we all remember our spark; what makes us excited in life and what makes us want to truly be alive in this moment. I also mentioned that for me, something that has always truly inspired me was the ability to work for or be part of an organization truly dedicated to promoting the…

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Paul Walker: A Tribute, The Man behind the films

The SLA Pioneer

Almost the entire world has heard of the tragic death of my idol, Paul Walker, some may know him as Brian O’Connor from the superb movie franchise, “Fast and Furious.”  Paul Walker was not only an inspiration to many, but he was one of the most pure-hearted people on the face of the earth. He donated money to help natural catastrophes and held big fundraisers and meetings to help raise funds for people who are less-fortunate.  Many people knew that he was quite the car enthusiast as he had an enormous collection of high-class vehicles.

One of his signature cars that he used in movies and was seen driving around in the most was a Nissan Skyline R-33 or R-34 of the GT-R collection. He said that those were his favorite cars to drive, he even used his own personal cars to film the movie to show his love for…

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Paul Walker Cremated Ahead of Saturday Burial

RIP Angel Walker, race in Paradise. God had a bigger plan you we had for our selves. May your legacy lives on. Now, many people support the ROWW as the wake of your sudden death. This is the prove that you had touched so many hearts and inspired so many people including me. You are never forgotten

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Paul Walker Cremated Ahead of Saturday Burial

It is an irony so intense that it seems surreal. Paul Walker, who died in a fiery car crash on Nov. 30 this year was cremated on Thursday December 12 ahead of his Saturday, December 14 burial ceremony.

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